What if I started posting in English?

Would it make any difference? Would it be different for me? Would it take a different effort? Would it effect my attitude or the tone of my conversation? Would I choose different topics? Would I think differently?

I don’t know, the world is so much bigger than our little, beloved country of Italy, here.

Just wondering.

(And hi, James from Brazil, who posted here yesterday, and American Copywriter who quoted ohmymarketing! the other week).

3 commenti
  1. marco ha detto:

    Dude, you better move or I’ll be the first:-)

  2. james ha detto:

    In italiano é piu bello, peró in English you can definitely talk to more people around the world… In Brazil it would be practically impossible to write in english, as nobody would understand… By the way, thanx for the visit the other day.

  3. drim ha detto:

    may I’d understand better your post, cause my italian is not so good.


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