Disponibile da oggi: the new Seth Godin book, Meatball Sundae.

Meatball Sundae – is your marketing out of sync? – il nuovo libro del maestro calvo – è in consegna da oggi, ma copyblogger (che è citato alle pagg 83 e 84) dice che non lo comprerà. Detto da uno che ha 29.000 lettori, la cosa fa pensare, anche se il suo post non l’ho capito tanto bene.

[E comunque Seth ha anche fatto un altro libretto che spiega come ottenere più traffico grazie alla regola delle tre U: Unique, Updated, Useful. Tredici paginette che vanno giù che è una bellezza. Qui il pdf gratuito].

[UPDATE COPYBLOGGER: ho postato il commento che segue sul suo sito – copyblogger, will you tell us a little more about your point of view, or… are we missing your joke??]

hi brian,
sorry if this comment is misplaced – it’s about your post about seth godin’s new book and why you won’t buy it.
I’ve posted about it on my blog, but I must tell you I haven’t fully gotten your point.
what’s wrong with seth quoting your numbers, even if one year late?
isn’t the fact that your site has grown so much proving his point even better?
you’ll find my post here (placing english translation for you):
I’m sure my readers would like to better understand you.
thank you in advance and all the best for 2008 from milano, italy – max

2 commenti
  1. Max, I was just noting the irony of a book about how fast the Internet moves having a year lag time before being published. It shows how challenged book publishing has become when it comes to current information.

  2. max ha detto:

    thanks for your quick response, brian, now I see what you meant.

    to tell you the truth, I got the feeling of having missed a joke after hitting the *post* button on my comment and quickly glancing at those comments before mine, almost all of them mentioning your *tricky* headline, people declaring themselves victims of it etc etc


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