Stormhoek, Hugh, what’s happening?

I read Gapingvoid everyday.

I am a fan of Hugh MacLeod’s global microbrand (here, revisited here) Stormhoek, the wine maker that’s gone from 0 to 200,000 cases of wine sold, thanks to the incredible marketing thinking of the Hughtrain (last example? the bottle that’s placed on the supermarket shelf with the back label in front).

And now.

The company who holds the rights for the brand in UK (Orbital wines) has ceased to operate in December.

Stormhoek has made a call for innovative thinking in their blog.

Hugh hasn’t said a word yet.

I loved hearing them say “we view this as an opportunity for reinvention” but then?…

I’m alarmed, and a bit sad, for all bloggers love Stormhoek, and I am no exception.

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  1. Stormhoek is fine, it’s just the UK importer’s that went belly-up.

    I just have to wait for certain documents to be signed, then I can talk about it. Hopefully in the next week.

    Thanks for your concern :)

  2. Shane ha detto:


    I have been scouting the web for blogs on the Orbital demise trying as best as possible to clarify our position as well as give an indication of what we are doing in response to the situation.
    Basically someone has made an offer for Orbital pending the favourable outcome of a due diligence. All things equal, this exercise should be completed by Friday. Following this, an reviewed offer would most likely be made. Remember that this is for the 9 brands represented by Orbital in the UK only.

    I hope that the new owner will see itself clear to settle supplier invoices etc.

    But in the meantime it is kind of a “hurry up and wait” situation.

    Stormhoek – the winery and vineyard – are not affected by this deal other than money owed to us and then to our suppliers.

    We are now concentrating on the harvest, new Semillon vineyard planted in spring and – obviously – this deal.


  3. max ha detto:

    this is what i call *listening*!

    thank you both, all the best.


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